Head Boy and Head Girl

At Kinross PS two year 6 students are elected each year to be Head Boy and Head Girl for the school year. The Head Boy and Head Girl are elected by staff after nominating themselves. They are selected based on their demonstrated ability to display the Kinross PS values, show exemplary behaviour, possess leadership qualities and a strong work ethic.


The Head Boy and Head Girl carry out important duties throughout the year and are often called upon to host special assemblies including the ANZAC Assembly. They meet with the School Principal twice each term to discuss issues and ideas brought up at the Kinross PS Student Forum. There are also 6 Student Councillors elected by their peers each semester to carry out duties including attending meetings, speaking at assemblies, raising the flag, locking gates and bike racks and many other jobs.


In 2018, Charlie Brierley was elected as Head Boy and Bethany McGlone was elected as Head Girl.